Problem: Working together on the same files is difficult, especially when working remotely

Solution: Live Co-Authoring in Microsoft 365

People are assuming the rapid increase in remote working is solely due to the need to maintain some sense of normality in business when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and, to an extent, they would be right. With advancements in technology, remote working has been gradually increasing for over a decade; this growth is set to continue long after the Coronavirus pandemic. According to Upwork, “41.8% of the American workforce continues to work remotely. Although an estimated 26.7% will still be working from home through 2021, 36.2 million Americans (22% of the workforce) will be working remotely by 2025”.

With any new method of working, challenges are expected to occur, and this has been no different with remote working. Over previous years it has been near impossible to maintain levels of productivity that mirror those achieved on-site.

Microsoft 365 has resolved this problem - introducing Co-Authoring.



“Collaboration is defined as, to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something Co-authoring is defined as, “be a joint author of (a book, paper, or report”)”. ¹


How can it help your business?

Co-Authoring uses the power of technology to allow your team to work together from anywhere. Your entire team can access documents and PowerPoint slides at the same time and can communicate with each other within Co-authoring.


How does co-authoring work?

Read on for instructions on how to use Co-Authoring within Microsoft Word (although the process for using other functions, such as Excel and PowerPoint, is the same).

Once your document is in the Cloud in OneDrive you are free to share the document with others. You can now decide who is authorized to see and edit the document and can restrict entry to the document by applying controls through passwords, etc.

Co-Authoring is now possible.

Once you have each opened the document you will be working on it simultaneously. If you take a look at the top of the document, you can see exactly who is co-authoring with you.

You can even see what specific section of the document they are working on by locating your colleague’s cursor on the screen; the name of the person will be displayed above the cursor – useful if multiple employees are working on one document. The color of the person’s name will match the color of the name in the top corner of your document allowing you to swiftly know who is doing what within a document.

If used correctly, Co-authoring has the ability to revolutionize the way you work, both in-office and remotely. With it, your team has the power to continue or even increase their normal levels of collaboration, and, in turn, productivity that they have grown accustomed to when on-premise. It has been all too easy to adopt a ‘muddle through’ approach since the outbreak of Covid-19, but it is now time to make a change and take steps to ensure that, no matter what is going on in the world, your team still has the best tools to enable them to do what they do best. Co-authoring is the tool to start that journey.


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